[40%OFF!]Rylee & Cru Ryder Pant ink
[40%OFF!]Rylee & Cru Ryder Pant ink
[40%OFF!]Rylee & Cru Ryder Pant ink
[40%OFF!]Rylee & Cru Ryder Pant ink
[40%OFF!]Rylee & Cru Ryder Pant ink
[40%OFF!]Rylee & Cru Ryder Pant ink
[40%OFF!]Rylee & Cru Ryder Pant ink
[40%OFF!]Rylee & Cru Ryder Pant ink

[40%OFF!]Rylee & Cru Ryder Pant ink

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Rylee & cru rider pants.

Let's go on a magnificent journey to explore the new place and all the mysteries.
The theme is adventure this season when the warm colors, landscapes, and animals were inspired by the safari.
The stylish and timeless collection features a unique illustration like Riley and Crew, soft, breathable fabric, and a new style of contemporary silhouette and new style of our loved threads.

The 23SS is both when traveling far away or walking in the backyard at home.
It is finished in a collection with plenty of presence.

RYLEE & CRU, a brand from Los Angeles, USA, started by designer Kelli Murray at the birth of his child.
It features a unique and cute illustration print that combines art and imagination unique to designers who have been active as an illustrator.
Hand -dyed cut -and -sews to create a soft vintage feeling are gaining high popularity as brands of brands, regardless of the season.
In addition, he has also been careful about functional aspects, such as his experience as a mother with a child, and has been concerned about the functional aspects, such as shapes that take care of the soft texture and ease of wearing, and proposes clothes and daily wear that color the children's daily life. Masu.

Size: 18-24m/2-3Y/4-5Y/6-7Y/8-9Y/10-12Y
Material: 55%hemp, 45%rayon

[Actual size in flat]
18-24m: Waist 21.5cm, hip 28.5cm, total length 48cm, inseam 30cm
2-3Y: Waist 23.5cm, hip 28.5cm, total length 52.5cm, inseam 31.5cm
4-5Y: Waist 24cm, hip 32cm, total length 61cm, inseam 39.5cm
6-7Y: Waist 25.5cm, hip 35cm, total length 68.5cm, inseam 46.5cm
8-9Y: Waist 26.5cm, hip 37cm, total length 77cm, inseam 53.5cm
10-12Y: Waist 28cm, hip 40cm, total length 83cm, inseam 59.5cm

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