[30%OFF!]Rylee & Cru Swim Trunk Surfboard
[30%OFF!]Rylee & Cru Swim Trunk Surfboard
[30%OFF!]Rylee & Cru Swim Trunk Surfboard
[30%OFF!]Rylee & Cru Swim Trunk Surfboard

[30%OFF!]Rylee & Cru Swim Trunk Surfboard

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Rylee & Cru swim trunks.
Fabric that blocks 98% of UV rays.
It is said that sun exposure during childhood increases the chance of developing skin cancer in the future.
This is a necessary item to protect your child's skin.

Rylee & Cru is a Los Angeles-based brand founded by designer Kelli Murray after the birth of her own child.
It features unique and cute illustration prints that combine the art and imagination of a designer who was active as an illustrator.
Hand-dyed cut-and-sew pieces that create a soft vintage feel are popular as the brand's standard items, regardless of the season.
In addition, based on her own experience as a mother of children, she pays attention to functionality, such as materials that are soft to the touch and shapes that are easy to wear, and proposes clothes and daily wear that brighten up children's daily lives. Masu.

Size: 12-18M/18-24M/2-3Y/4-5Y/6-7Y/8-9Y/10-12Y
Material: 80% nylon, 20% elastane
UPF50 -ultraviolet protection factor-
blocks 98% of UV rays

[Actual size when placed horizontally]
12-18M: Waist 22.5cm, Hips 28cm, Total Length 21cm, Inseam 4.5cm
18-24M: Waist 24cm, Hips 29cm, Total Length 23cm, Inseam 4.5cm
2-3Y: Waist 24cm, Hips 33.5cm, Total Length 24.5cm, Inseam 5.5cm
4-5Y: Waist 24.5cm, Hips 36cm, Total Length 25.5cm, Inseam 6.5cm
6-7Y: Waist 26.5cm, Hips 37.5cm, Total Length 27cm, Inseam 7cm
8-9Y: Waist 28cm, hips 41.5cm, total length 30cm, inseam 9.5cm
10-12Y: Waist 29.5cm, Hips 44.5cm, Total Length 33.5cm, Inseam 10.5cm

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