[30%OFF!]NORALEE Skinny Tie Linen
[30%OFF!]NORALEE Skinny Tie Linen
[30%OFF!]NORALEE Skinny Tie Linen
[30%OFF!]NORALEE Skinny Tie Linen
[30%OFF!]NORALEE Skinny Tie Linen

[30%OFF!]NORALEE Skinny Tie Linen

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The perfect finishing touch for boys who want to enjoy fashion!
Velcro on the back of the neck makes it quick and easy to put on.

Noralee is inspired by one-of-a-kind vintage dresses, full of delicate details and romance.
The dresses designed by Kelli Murray Larson + team are expressions of love in soft layers of color and texture, each with a unique story to tell.
Noralie is the little girl who lives in all of our hearts.
She carries many dreams born from her rich imagination and curiosity in her small chest.
Noralie is charming and playful, and every day is full of surprises.
The children will have many celebrations in the future, and each time they will be filled with joy and smiles.
Please enjoy this collection designed to honor those dazzling smiles.

1-4Y: 25cm (including knot) x 4.5cm, total neck length 29.5cm
5Y: 33cm (including knot) x 4.5cm, total length around the neck 32cm
Material: 100% linen
Care instructions: spot cleaning only, do not use bleach

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