[40%OFF!]Louise Misha Bathing Turban Sylvania Cream Flowers

[40%OFF!]Louise Misha Bathing Turban Sylvania Cream Flowers

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Louise Misha's swim cap, Sylvania.

LOUISE MISHA is a brand from France, France, founded by AUR é Lie Remetter and Marie Pidancet in 2012. The brand name is named after the first name of the designer's grandmother and his mother's nickname, based on the idea of ??"I want to cherish like a family." The collection for girls between the ages of 2 to 10 is a delicate lace used on the one -piece hemline, and a color palette with a soft impression, as well as a nostalgic and bohemian atmosphere at the same time. Romantic folklaw taste has been sublimated into an urban design, such as a lot of neon colors. In addition to the jewelry line made by craftsmen in the Parisian workshop, the women's line is also available at the same time, and it is one of the brands of brands that parents and children can enjoy the same look. Since the spring and summer of 2013, kids, women's, accessory lines have been published in brand -like collections, each of which has gained high popularity not only in France but also around the world.

Size: T1 (9-12m)/T2 (18-24m)/T3 (3-4Y)

Material: 87% RecycleD NYLON, 13% Spandex SPF50 Protection

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