[30%OFF!]eLfinFolk Typewriter pants green
[30%OFF!]eLfinFolk Typewriter pants green
[30%OFF!]eLfinFolk Typewriter pants green
[30%OFF!]eLfinFolk Typewriter pants green
[30%OFF!]eLfinFolk Typewriter pants green
[30%OFF!]eLfinFolk Typewriter pants green
[30%OFF!]eLfinFolk Typewriter pants green

[30%OFF!]eLfinFolk Typewriter pants green

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Classic spring and summer, high-density cotton typewriter pants.
The cotton typewriter is thin, durable, cool, dry, and is perfect for summer.
An elegant pink beige, a colorful color of vivid shocking pink and virid anagen. The long pants are tapered silhouettes with a relaxed area around the hip, and the color of the string belt for size adjustment accents.
A large pocket of compact shorts is a color scheme.
Items that you want any number in summer.

Flowa-Flower fairy with poison and healing power

The tenth 2023SS theme is a flower fairy called Flowa blooming in the secret garden, and something related to magic herb studies.
It looks like a medicinal gardener, combined with a textile connection, suspender pants, and a long-established hat brand CA4LA, which prints the original patterns of the fairy flourer that is granted in the body and herbal herbs. Style.
It is a collection that adds elfinfolk stuff in everyday life, such as an apron dress with a retro and nostalgic floral pattern, a girly item with a volume sleeve dress, and a T-shirt with a graphical design.

Size: 90 (2y)/100 (3Y)/110 (4-5Y)/120 (6-7Y)/130 (8-9Y)/140 (10-11Y)/155 (12y)
Material: 100%Cotton

[Actual size in flat]
90: Waist 22.5cm, hip 41.5cm, total length 51.5cm, inseam 30.5cm
100: Waist 24cm, hip 43.5cm, total length 58cm, inseam 35.5cm
110: Waist 26cm, hip 46.5cm, total length 62.5cm, inseam 40cm
120: Waist 28cm, hip 48.5cm, total length 68cm, inseam 45cm
130: Waist 29cm, hip 51.5cm, total length 75cm, inseam 50cm
140: Waist 30.5cm, hip 52.5cm, total length 79.5cm, inseam 54cm
150: Waist 32.5cm, hip 56cm, total length 86.5cm, inseam 59cm

* Prices vary depending on the size.
Please check the display price carefully before purchasing.

Size 140/150: Price 8,000 yen (excluding tax)

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