[30%OFF!]eLfinFolk Clan emblem Tee slate gray
[30%OFF!]eLfinFolk Clan emblem Tee slate gray
[30%OFF!]eLfinFolk Clan emblem Tee slate gray
[30%OFF!]eLfinFolk Clan emblem Tee slate gray
[30%OFF!]eLfinFolk Clan emblem Tee slate gray
[30%OFF!]eLfinFolk Clan emblem Tee slate gray

[30%OFF!]eLfinFolk Clan emblem Tee slate gray

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This season's classic classic Tee prints the emblems of various kingdom visited on the journey.
A classic material of 100%cotton that is very soft and soft.
The length is a little short, and the width of the body is wide and a relaxed wide silhouette plays an active part every day as a T -shirt that looks good on everyone.

Elfinfolk Spring/Summer 2024 Collection Explanation
Derived star �š Phantom owl seat
The theme of the 12th ELFINFOLK 2024SS is a phantom owl seat that is a landmark of a long journey like a pilgrimage of the stars.
The star reading knows that the owls are shining in the sky at dawn.
Various textiles printed with a collage of old -star diagrams of owls, which were said to have shined in the night sky of the 1800s, and glanced on bloom checks and stripes with a sense of grunge.
The color pallets are red brown and beige that are airy, mainly gray gradation.
It is a collection that adds an elfinFOLK thing in everyday life, such as a bucket hat with an ear, an emblem and a graphical design with a motif of constellations.

Size: 90/100/110/130/130/150
Material: 100% Cotton

[Actual size in flat]
90: Shoulder width 36.5cm, side width 36.5cm, total length 36.5cm, sleeve length 8.5cm
100: Shoulder width 39cm, side width 39cm, total length 39cm, sleeve length 10.5cm
110: Shoulder width 42cm, side width 42cm, total length 42.5cm, sleeve length 11.5cm
120: Shoulder width 46cm, side width 44.5cm, total length 46.5cm, sleeve length 12cm
130: Shoulder width 48.5cm, side width 48.5cm, total length 50cm, sleeve length 13cm
140: Shoulder width 52cm, armpit width 51cm, total length 54.5cm, sleeve length 15cm
150: Shoulder width 55cm, side width 54cm, total length 58.5cm, sleeve length 16cm

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