condor Basic rib tights 326
condor Basic rib tights 326
condor Basic rib tights 326
condor Basic rib tights 326
condor Basic rib tights 326
condor Basic rib tights 326
condor Basic rib tights 326

condor Basic rib tights 326


CONDOR's basic rib tights.
A classic item loved from baby to kids.
Speaking of condor, it is a brand icon that is said to be tights.
The high quality backed by history can be worn comfortably from baby to adults.

-Reason for smooth comfort -
Condor socks are socks where you can feel the smooth comfort from the moment you put your feet.
It is very durable and durable, can always keep a freshly grated silhouette, and it is less likely to become pills even if washed.
Its secret is containing CONDOR's unique production technology and socks.
Using plenty of high quality cotton and combining Likla Fiber, it has a touch and function that can only be expressed in Condor socks.

-Focus on fiber -
Likura ® Fiber is a synthetic fiber that is as thin as a spider thread and has excellent elasticity.
It extends to 4 to 7 times the length of the original length, and has a characteristic that returns to its original length as soon as it is loosened.
By mixing this fiber with other fibers, the fabric can be added to the fabric, it is difficult to attach pills, and it will provide a smooth comfort.

-Use safe and secure cotton-
The cotton used in Condor socks has been certified as ""Eco Tex (R) Standard 100"".
Eco Tex is a sustainable factory that takes into account the proof of the world's highest -level safe products that exceed Japan's safety standards and for more than 350 kinds of harmful substances, as well as the load on people and the environment. It is a proof of world standards in fiber business, such as approval.
Condor socks are made by selecting the quality of the materials suitable for each part, such as using high -durability and high -quality lycla and cotton for delicate parts such as toes and heels.

0: 9.5-11.5cm (6 months to 12 months/height 66-73cm)
2: 11.5-13.5cm (1-2 years old/height 82-89cm)
4: 14.5-16cm (3-4 years old/height 95-106cm)
6: 17-19.5cm (5-6 years old/height 107-116cm)
8: 20.5-22.5cm (7-8 years old/height 119-130cm)
9: 23-24.5cm (9-10 years old/height 131-142cm)

Material: 75% cotton, 22% polyamide, 3% Elastane lycra

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