[30%OFF!]Salt Water Sandal - The Shark White / Women
[30%OFF!]Salt Water Sandal - The Shark White / Women
[30%OFF!]Salt Water Sandal - The Shark White / Women
[30%OFF!]Salt Water Sandal - The Shark White / Women

[30%OFF!]Salt Water Sandal - The Shark White / Women

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"Salt Water Shake" is a reprint model made only for Europe and some Asian countries.
It was manufactured with a machine used in St. Louis in the 1940s.
It features a fisherman style braided leather and a durable vulcanic rubber sole that has been loved for a long time.
The protection and fit of the toes are slightly higher than "Salt Water Original",
We are proud of outstanding looks and "Salt Water Original".
If it is cold water, it is OK to wash with water with a washing machine.

Following the lack of leather during World War II, Walter Hoi began producing sandals using the extra leather that came out when he made military boots.
The reputation spread immediately, and it was not time -consuming to ask Walter to make sandals for their children.
Even now, 70 years later, the classic line that Walter has begun continues to provide sandals with excellent fashion, both durability and wearing.
Metal buckles with rust -stopped metal, abundant colors and designs, and long -lasting quality and reliable traditions are origami.
The trademark of "Salt Water" original products is a rubber sole made by a durable Little Way Stitch.
The logo printed on the sole is a real proof.
The "Sansan" line uses a more elastic urethane sole.
Leather is coated with water -resistant ceiling material, and it fits into the shape of the foot by continuing to wear it.
It is easy to adjust according to the width of the foot with a buckle made of a true chu. It is perfect for playing at the shore, and can be washed with a washing machine.
As the brand name suggests, it is a sandal suitable for summer, not only in seawater, but also on the waters and streets.
It has been a summer standard for 70 years, but now many celebrities such as Alexa Chan, Yuma Therman, Gwynes Paltrow, Maggie Gillenhole, Florence Welch, Victoria Beckham, and Daisy Law. I love it.

Size: AD4 ~ AD7 (22.9cm to 25.1cm)
Material: Leather

* Because it is an imported product, the box may be dirty, crushed, or broken. Please understand.

[Actual size]
USAD4 (22.9cm): 24cm long, 9.5cm in width, 8cm from the bottom, 22.5cm inner dimensions 22.5cm
US CH6 (23.5cm): 24.5cm in height on the back of the shoes, 9.6cm wide, 8cm from the bottom, 23cm inner dimension
US CH7 (24.1cm): 25cm in height on the back of the shoes, 9.7cm wide, 8cm from the bottom, 24cm inner dimensions
US CH8 (25.1cm): 26cm long, 10 cm in the width of the largest place, 8cm in height from the bottom, 25cm inner dimensions

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