[60%OFF!]Rylee & Cru oliver pant forest
[60%OFF!]Rylee & Cru oliver pant forest
[60%OFF!]Rylee & Cru oliver pant forest
[60%OFF!]Rylee & Cru oliver pant forest
[60%OFF!]Rylee & Cru oliver pant forest
[60%OFF!]Rylee & Cru oliver pant forest
[60%OFF!]Rylee & Cru oliver pant forest

[60%OFF!]Rylee & Cru oliver pant forest

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Rylee & cru corduroy pants.

-Enchanted Forest-
Do you remember playing as a child?
Running around as you want, where you reach, everywhere is a playground.
Many of us still remember the magical days of that time.
Now I have the best time to play with the children, and connect imagination and reality as they were.
I love watching the appearance.
The theme of the "Enchanted Forest-Enchanted Forest-" collection is imagined.
The appearance of running through the forest and the building, the appearance of a fairy in the flower garden, and the light inserted from the trees.
All of them are the fascinating playground of children, and I hope you can feel it through this collection.

RYLEE & CRU, a brand from Los Angeles, USA, started by designer Kelli Murray at the birth of his child.
It features a unique and cute illustration print that combines art and imagination unique to designers who have been active as an illustrator.
Hand -dyed cut -and -sews to create a soft vintage feeling have gained high popularity as branded brands, regardless of the season.
In addition, he has also been careful about functional aspects, such as his experience as a mother with a child, and suggests the functional aspects, such as shapes that take into account the soft texture and ease of wearing, and proposes clothes and daily wear that color the children's daily life. increase.

Size: 2-3Y/4-5Y/6-7Y/8-9Y/10-12Y/12-14Y
Material: Corduroy

[Flat -placed actual size size]
2-3Y: Waist 20cm, hip 30cm, total length 54cm, inseam 34cm
4-5Y: Waist 22cm, hip 34cm, total length 63cm, inseam 43cm
6-7Y: Waist 24cm, hip 41cm, total length 70cm, inseam 48cm
8-9Y: Waist 25cm, hip 43cm, total length 78cm, inseam 56cm
10-12Y: Waist 26cm, hip 47cm, total length 88cm, inseam 64cm
12-14Y: Waist 28cm, hip 51cm, total length 95cm, inseam 70.5cm

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