[70%OFF!]NATURSUTTEN Pacifiers for babies
[70%OFF!]NATURSUTTEN Pacifiers for babies
[70%OFF!]NATURSUTTEN Pacifiers for babies
[70%OFF!]NATURSUTTEN Pacifiers for babies
[70%OFF!]NATURSUTTEN Pacifiers for babies
[70%OFF!]NATURSUTTEN Pacifiers for babies
[70%OFF!]NATURSUTTEN Pacifiers for babies
[70%OFF!]NATURSUTTEN Pacifiers for babies

[70%OFF!]NATURSUTTEN Pacifiers for babies

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Denmark's NATURSUTTEN pacifier, round type.
The appearance of a baby with a pacifier is irresistibly cute.
But I want to think and choose because it can be put directly in my mouth.
In addition, a cute thing is good.
It is a pacifier that fulfills such a daddy mom.

The round type has no distinction between the top and bottom, so the baby can be put in the mouth from any direction.

The package uses an FSC authentication paper, and the plastic sheet for the peep window is made of environment -friendly materials made from cornstark.

NatureSutten's pacifier ...

�œ Soft and elastic than silicon, and responds to natural movements in your mouth.
�œ The stopper is also a natural rubber, so it is difficult to get on the face after removing the pacifier.
�œ 100 % natural organic product, so you can use it with confidence.
�œ It is an environmentally friendly and biological decomposition material.
�œ Because it is formed with a single material that is softer than silicon and has no joints, there is no joint part that tends to accumulate dirt and bacteria, so it is hygienic.

NATURSUTTEN's pacifier is characterized by chemical -free.
The following items are not included.

�œ Ingredients that cause allergies
�œ Coloring
�œ Cancer ingredients
�œ Ingredients that disturb hormonal balance
�œ Chemical softening agent
�œ Preservatory, PVC, phthalic acid

Size: ƒÓ5.0 x 6.0cm
S: 0-6 months
M: 6-12 months
L: 12 months or more

Material: Natural rubber

Made in Italy

* Because there is a small bubbles as a characteristic of natural rubber, if you soak in boiling water for a long time, or soak in bleaching, the bubbles may swell and change to a cloudy color, but there is no particular problem with the quality. �B

* A microwave oven cannot be used. There is a risk of hardening, elutment, or ignition. Please be careful.

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