[60%OFF!]Quincy Mae Baby Booties Rose
[60%OFF!]Quincy Mae Baby Booties Rose

[60%OFF!]Quincy Mae Baby Booties Rose

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Quincy Mae baby booty.

Quinchy Mae is an organic children's clothing and accessory brand that Kelli Murray, a designer illustrator, was inspired by her third child.
All organic cotton uses only the approved high -quality one.
Pursued calm and soft color scheme, minimal design and a nice texture like velor.
It's an important point that it is repeated every day, so it is easy to put on and take off clothes for your baby and mother.
Quincy Mae supports parents and children around the world.
What we value is the fusion of "minimal design" and "gentle color", and the concept of continuing.
The size development is 0m to 24m.
In addition, the price range that is suppressed to make it easier for more people to purchase is also the charm of the brand.

Size: 3-6m/6-12m
Material: Organic Brushed Jersey | 100% Cotton

[Flat -placed actual size size]
3-6m: 10.5cm in the bottom, 5.5cm in the bottom, 5.5cm in height, inner dimensions 10cm
6-12m: The bottom is 11.5cm, the bottom 6cm, the height of 5.5cm, the inner dimensions 11cm

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