&merci Birthday Tapestry nuno / Bon anniversary
&merci Birthday Tapestry nuno / Bon anniversary
&merci Birthday Tapestry nuno / Bon anniversary

&merci Birthday Tapestry nuno / Bon anniversary

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As a tapestry and a table runner.
Spread it on a bed sheets or put it on a sofa or chair.
"NUNO" that can be used in various ways.
For birthdays and monthly photos.

[Buddha translation]
happy birthday.
I expect you to be the best day for you!

Material: Cotton linen
Size: Width 48cm, length 110cm

* In this product, production is overseas, inspection, packing, and shipping are domestic.
Imported products have less quality standards than Japanese products, and include the following products.

-The linen -specific immature yarn, nep, and fushi thread may be included in this product.
-When sewing is coarse, a little fraying of a thread, scratches that can not be confirmed at the manufacturing stage, or threading may be attached from before sales.
-The lining of the product (inside) may have small dot -shaped dirt and thread sticking from the outside when worn.
-There may be colored in the outer material of the product that will be attached at the time of printing.
-The product is sent from overseas in a long time folded, so some folding wrinkles may occur.

These products are also judged to be irrelevant to sell and use if there is no problem with use without any problems with the design, and are distributed and sold as good products (ordinary products).
Thank you for your understanding as a feature of the product.

In our shop, one product is inspected, and after confirming that there is no problem in use, we have sold it as a good product.
We refrain from selling obviously bad parts and those that interfere with use.
If such a product arrives at hand, please contact us as it will be returned or exchanged.

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