[40%OFF!]IZIPIZI Sunglasses - Women & Men
[40%OFF!]IZIPIZI Sunglasses - Women & Men
[40%OFF!]IZIPIZI Sunglasses - Women & Men

[40%OFF!]IZIPIZI Sunglasses - Women & Men #F Black

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Sunglasses - #F SUN Black: optimum protection with our 100% UV, category 3 sunglasses. With its original and fashionable design, flexible arms and rubber texture, the #SUN collection offers quality, style and light-weight comfort.The #F shape: these light, folding pocket sunglasses are ideal for every place, every game.Our #SUN collection is available at very affordable prices. So why not collect all the models and adapt them to your style or mood every day.#SUN sunglasses: the fashion must-have that�fs got the IZIPIZI community talking!

The sun emits visible and invisible electromagnetic waves. The most harmful invisible rays are ultraviolet (UV) rays, which are dangerous even in cloudy weather as no more than 10% are absorbed by clouds.

Flex hinges
Flexible and comfortable arms, with spring hinges, which adapt to all face shapes and sizes.

Size: W137 x H46 x 131 (mm)
Sun lenses cat. 3
UV rays damage the eye cells. With time, the renewal will be done less and less well. The SUN glasses provide adapted protection with 100% UV category 3 lenses which protect from glare and filter 100% of ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Bio-sourced material
The frame of the glasses is made of 45% organic polyamide sourced from castor oil.

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