[30%OFF!]eLfinFolk Freece baby cape navy
[30%OFF!]eLfinFolk Freece baby cape navy
[30%OFF!]eLfinFolk Freece baby cape navy
[30%OFF!]eLfinFolk Freece baby cape navy

[30%OFF!]eLfinFolk Freece baby cape navy

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A warm mant cape for baby for baby using high-quality fleece in winter classic fleece fleece.
The original ELF button gives the impression of a clicking of a classic magic school for pointing food and trimming fur and double.
It is useful from the time of the nene to the time of walking.
It can be worn for a long time from 0 to 3 years old ��

At that moment, the sword of the Knight's leader REPO emits light
Aurora cuts the dark shadow.

The 11th theme of the 2023AW is the sword of Aurora, the Knight leader, LEPO, who fought against the dark shadow of the northern kingdom.
The aurora, which has been handed down to Lapland for a long time, is called fox fire Revontuli. There is a legend to be.
Inspired by the old tale, Aurora, reindeer, and the Arctic illustrations as a sword that cut through the black night, and the Biera print fabric, which is studded with ethnic stories such as Lapland and Alaska. Eight Star Hachikoshi's folklore folk roye Jacquard expresses white and black and black and black clothes.
Cotton quilting coat and overall with an impression like a classic ski wear.
It is a winter collection where you can coordinate with a fox ear with ears and a folklore accessories.

Size: 80-100
Material: 100%Polyester
(PARTLY) 100%Cotton
(FUR) Pile: 100% Modacrylic, Ground: 60% acrylic, 40% NYLON

[Actual size in flat]
Shoulder width--cm, armpit width-cm, total length (from the neck) 35.5cm, sleeve length (from the neck) 28cm

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