Doll's Pram Brown

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A German antique tuning stroller.

It is a popular toy regardless of the child of a boy and a girl.
There is also a fluffy pillow and futon.
The wheels are rubber, making it difficult to damage the floor.
An antique stroller that is not only used as an interior but also as a play tool for children.
It is a product not released in Japan.

Size: 53cm x 35cm x 53cm
Contents: Hand cars, pillows and futons, assembly instructions (English)

[Easy assembly 2STEP]
‡@ Insert the wheels while pushing the center part.
[Precautions when inserting]
If you insert it and pull the handle, it will be fixed, but please give it gently and softly.

‡A Fix the handle with the attached screw. No tools are required.
The handle is easy and easy to do if one stick is fixed with a screw, then assembled the handle and the other stick and fix the screw.

* If you arrive, please check the assembly immediately.
If time has passed from delivery, we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to defects. Please understand.

* Returns and exchanges after assembly cannot be accepted.

* The wisteria part is a natural material, so there may be some chips.

* The exterior (cardboard) may be damaged, but we have been shipped after confirming that there is no abnormality in the contents. Please understand.

* It will be imported overseas. There may be some distortion and dirt. Please note.

* Due to the nature of the material, there are rattan make, cracks, etc. Please be careful when handling.

* Antique finish, bald or discolored part.

* It is an overseas product, and the quality is lower than that of Japanese ones.

Each one is carefully inspected, and the B judgment and those that have come out are sold by reducing the price.
We do not reduce the price of those sold as A judgment. Please note on your purchase.

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