Collégien Lili Lace Trim Ribbed Ankle Socks / Blanc Neige

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Lili Socks of Collegien.
Collegien is often used for popular brands such as SOOR PLOOM.
I ordered something that can be used as an occasion sock.
For everyday use, for entrance ceremony and presentation.

A long -established French footwear brand that has been around for generations since 1947.
Socks and tights made with sophisticated technologies are loved from all over the world, focusing on French production and using the highest quality Merino wool.

18/20 (11/13cm)
21/23 (13.5/14.5cm)
24/27 (15/16.5cm)
28/31 (17/18.5cm)
32/35 (19/21cm)

Material: 84% cotton, 14% polyamide, 2% Elastranne Lycra (R)

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